Pat McAfee Has Surprising Pick For Next Indianapolis Colts Quarterback


Getty Image / Justin K. Aller

  • There have been a few options thrown around to take over as the Indianapolis Colts QB
  • Pat McAfee gave a surprising pick today for he thinks should get the job
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Since the Indianapolis Colts traded Carson Wentz, a few options for his replacement have been discussed. The popular name immediately became Jimmy Garoppolo, but there are some other options. There are a couple of options in free agency that could give Indy a chance to compete for the playoffs such as Jameis Winston or Mitch Trubisky.

Today, Pat McAfee discussed the Colts’ QB situation on “The Pat McAfee Show” and he expressed interest in an interesting option.

I have to say that I’m not entirely sure McAfee is correct with his assessment here. While I agree that Kirk Cousins would be a good pickup for the Colts and would probably take them to the playoffs, I don’t think a “game manager” is actually what the Colts need.

The Colts defense was good this season, but not particularly impressive against the pass. They were 19th in the league in passing yards allowed and gave up the second most passing touchdowns. It’s hard to win in the NFL with a leaky pass defense and a game manager at QB.

The Indianapolis Colts allowed more than 21 points 9 times this season. They went 1-8 in those games. Bringing in a game manager doesn’t fix that. You fix it by bringing in somebody you are confident can get your team 24+ points on a weekly basis.

Could Kirk Cousins be that guy? Maybe. He broke 24 points quite a few times last season, but also had some brutal performances and had a much better group of players around him on offense in Minnesota. He’d still have one of the league’s best running backs in Indy, but his receivers would be a major downgrade from Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen.

Cousins would also carry a heavy cap hit and likely cost the Colts another first rounder and I’m not sure that he can take this team to a Super Bowl. That should really be the goal here. Making the playoffs is nice, but is it worth trading your first round pick for a second consecutive season just to make a couple of playoff appearances?

That’s one decision the Colts will have to make as they try to figure out the quarterback position.