Pat McAfee Subtly Trolled Jeff Saturday’s Biggest Critics During Colts Game

Pat McAfee Subtly Trolled Jeff Saturday's Biggest Critics During Colts Game

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

Indianapolis Colts head coach Jeff Saturday just coached his first football game of any sort since last coaching for Hebron Christian Academy, a high school between Atlanta and Athens. Jeff Saturday’s Colts traveled to Las Vegas where they beat Derek Carr and the Raiders 25-20 and Saturday is now 1-0 as an NFL head coach.

Heading into Sunday’s game, Jeff Saturday had a lot of critics questioning his credentials. Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee saw all of Saturday’s critics and took notes. Then during the Colts’ game, Pat McAfee subtly fired off tweets taking shots at Jeff’s biggest critics.

Pat McAfee’s subtle trolling might have gone unnoticed were it not for someone who screenshot the tweets and spelled it out for everyone who wasn’t paying attention:

Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher said that Jim Irsay hiring Jeff Saturday was a “disgrace to the coaching profession.” So Pat McAfee fired off these tweets with GIFs of Bill Cowher:

Former Pro Bowler Joe Thomas also referred to Jeff Saturday’s hiring as the “most egregious thing I can ever remember happening” in the league. Pat McAfee fired off this tweet:

And to cap it all off, Jeff Saturday will join Pat McAfee on his show on Monday to discuss going 1-0 as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts:

For what it’s worth, Colts fans immediately recognized the pattern in Pat’s tweets. Those who were feverishly following the news cycle over the past week took note of every Jeff Saturday critic. But to the general NFL world, keeping track of what Bill Cowher, Joe Thomas, and others are saying about Jeff Saturday was just a blip on the radar of NFL news.