Pat McAfee Took A Hilarious Shot At Urban Meyer After Being Criticized For…Having Too Much Fun?

pat mcafee urban meyer criticism response

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In 2017, former Colts punter and all-around Cool Dude Pat McAfee decided to call it quits after a seven-year career in the NFL thanks to the toll a lifetime of football had taken on his body.

It turns out McAfee is a man of many talents, as he decided to spend some of his free time showcasing his stand-up comedy skills, podcasting, and chilling in the fantasy factory he constructed in Indianapolis.

Given McAfee’s charismatic nature, it’s only natural that he eventually gravitated to the world of broadcasting and has pursued a few endeavors that have included working with the WWE and serving as an analyst for ESPN, where he’s recently become a regular on College GameDay. 

This year, Fox decided it was time to go toe-to-toe with GameDay when it announced it would be launching a college kickoff show of its own called Big Noon and managed to recruit Urban Meyer to provide some insight into Saturday’s slate of games.

According to Larry Brown Sports, the retired coach recently reflected on his first year on the program and decided to take a not-so-subtle shot at McAfee when he claimed no one was interested in the sideshow antics GameDay is known for.

For reference, here’s the jump in question.

The comment quickly came to McAfee’s attention and he decided to fire a shot of his own by appearing to poke fun at Meyer for claiming he stepped down from his job at Ohio State for health reasons and that his departure had nothing to do with the scandal he had on his hands courtesy of his former assistant coach Zach Smith.

Point: McAfee.

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