Patrick Beverley Reveals A Surprisingly High Amount Of NBA Players Don’t Love Basketball

NBA guard Patrick Beverley

Getty Image / Quinn Harris

There may not be a player in the NBA as outspoken about the rest of the league as Patrick Beverley.

He is always ready to chime in on other players and teams around the league and doesn’t hold back when he does.

This year, he has a bit more time than usual to talk about the rest of the league as he fell short of qualifying for the playoffs through the play-in in his first season with the Chicago Bulls.

One of the places that he shares his thoughts on the NBA is on his own podcast, The Pat Bev Podcast.

On today’s episode of his podcast, Beverly was asked an interesting question. He was asked what percentage of the NBA doesn’t love basketball.

Beverley surprisingly replied that 50% of the league doesn’t love basketball and that only 50% was a generous estimate.

Beverley also discussed how much it frustrated him having talented teammates that were among those who didn’t love the game.

“Most of my teammates I know that don’t love basketball are the really ******* good ones, the most skilled, it’s the wildest **** in the world. You have so much skill, it’s free for them. You know a guy that get all the girls, you ain’t gotta do the preparation, like get your car washed, order from the restaurant, you get all the ladies.

According to Beverley, those players that don’t really love the game get exposed during this time of year, even the one that great during the regular season.

“Preparation is different when you got so much skill. You can just show up to the game and give someone 30 or 40. That might work against teams who aren’t that good. But you can’t do that in the playoffs.”

Patrick Beverley has never been one of those players who fans have had to worry about his love of the game, as evidenced by his celebration after the Timberwolves made the playoffs last season.

According to him, there are many in the NBA that don’t share that same dedication.