Patrick Cantlay Continues To Receive Criticism For Slow Play, Booed By Fans At RBC Heritage

Patrick Cantlay prepares for a shot at the RBC Heritage.

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Patrick Cantlay continues to receive criticism for his slow pace of play on the golf course. The PGA member was called out by fellow golfers at the Masters last week for making his competition wait at the tee box.

Now, it’s the fans that are growing frustrated as they watch on at the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head. He was actually booed by the gallery on the final day of action.

Cantlay was the target of critics last weekend in Augusta, being called out by Brooks Koepka for taking his time in between shots. Koepka, whose group was playing directly behind Cantlay’s on the fourth and final round, went off on the golfer after the fact.

“Yeah, that group in front of us was brutally slow. Jon [Rahm] went to the bathroom 7 times today and we were still waiting,” he said after the Masters. You can’t necessarily blame him as it was discovered he spent over an hour and a half waiting at tee boxes on Sunday.

The criticisms have now trickled into this weekend as the PGA moves on to the RBC Heritage.

Fans online are pointing out instances in which he’s taken a little extra time eyeing his shots before lining up. Many have been quick to take small jabs about his pace of play.

In one moment on Sunday, he somehow got his ball wedged between a pylon off the green. Followers took it as the perfect opportunity to troll.

Things got even worse for Cantlay while lining up a short putt as fans in the gallery booed him for taking too long.

After seeing the footage, those boos were probably justified.

Cantlay isn’t oblivious to the outside noise, either. He bit back at his critics earlier this weekend after draining an ace. “Playing faster,” he said while posting his impressive hole in one on his Twitter feed.

That’s certainly one way to speed up the pace of play.

Still, he hasn’t seemed to win many of those haters over throughout the course of the weekend, but he’s probably not all that worried about it. Cantlay currently sits at -15 for the tournament as he puts a bow on a top five finish at the RBC Heritage.