Patrick Mahomes Reacts To People Criticizing His Fiancée Brittany Matthews After She Went Viral Again While Sitting Courtside At Baylor-Texas Tech Game

Patrick Mahomes


  • A video of Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews sitting courtside at Baylor-Texas Tech went viral after people criticized Matthews over her demeanor.
  • Mahomes took to Twitter to defend his fiancée from the latest wave of social media criticism
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The NFL season is over, but Patrick Mahomes and his family are still trending on social media.

On Wednesday, a video showing an interaction between Mahomes and fiancée Brittany Matthews at the Baylor-Texas Tech game went viral. In the video, Mahomes tells Matthews something, and then she sarcastically makes several faces while talking to someone sitting next to her.

Here’s what people think was said between Mahomes and Matthews.

After the video blew up on Twitter, Mahomes went on the social media app to post this in defense of his fiancée.