Patrick Mahomes Says He’s Going To Use the ‘Behind-The-Back’ Pass In A Game – Doesn’t Rule Out Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes

David Eulitt/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has teased NFL fans with training camp highlights of his “behind-the-back” passes for two years, but has yet to attempt one of them in a real game. That time however, is coming soon, “For sure.”


Patrick Mahomes is known for attempting all type of passes, side-arm, no-look, underhand, deep, medium, short, shovel pass. But he has another creative one left in his bag of tricks that he hasn’t shared yet in a real NFL game, the “behind-the-back” pass.

During an appearance on FOX’s First Things First, Mahomes said he completes the pass 80-90% of the time in practice and that he will use it in a game “For Sure” – Mahomes also adds that star Tight End Travis Kelce always “yells” at him and “gives him crap” to attempt that pass in a game. Patrick says he’s a little scared to do it but that it will happen, and didn’t rule out that happening in the Super Bowl on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Question is, will Andy Reid approve something like that in the big game?

Behind The Back Pass Highlights

Here’s a completion of Patrick Mahomes wild behind the back passes at practice over the past two seasons.