Patrick Mahomes Reveals What Tyreek Hill Was Drinking Out Of His Mysterious Mini Bottle Before Chiefs-Saints Game On Sunday

We now know what Tyreek Hill was drinking before the Saints-Chiefs game.

On Sunday the Chiefs wide receiver went viral after he was seen drinking out of a mysterious green drink in a mini bottle.

On Monday, Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes was asked about the Hill’s pregame drink during his weekly interview on “The Drive” on 610 Sports Radio and revealed that his teammate was drinking pickle juice to keep him from cramping up during the game.

Via 610 Sports

“That was the ol’ pickle juice, man,” “You know, he was cramping up a little bit, so you gotta give him the pickle juice to get him back to the ‘cheetah,’ you know what I mean?”

Well, the pickle juice usually is before, like to try to keep you from cramping,” Mahomes explained. “I don’t know… might have to do with the sodium, I think. They try to keep you from cramping. I think he had… the full cramps already, so they had to use the full IV.”

Glad we got that cleared up.