Holy Shit! Look At The Hat Tan On Patrick Reed’s Forehead


Yesterday, Patrick Reed bested Jimmy Walker in a playoff to win the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, a limited field event, comprised of 2014 PGA TOUR champions, that kinda/sorta kicks off every season. Unlike Walker, Reed was clutch down the stretch and after he sunk the winning putt on the first playoff hole, he took his hat off — for apparently the first time since the Bush administration — to shake Walker’s hand. In doing so, he revealed a very pale forehead.

It even caught Walker off guard. The look on his face after the handshake that says, “Jesus Chirst, get some sun, Bro” really says it all.

walker-looking at reeds-pale-head


Oddly enough, Reed’s pale forehead comes almost a year to the day when Stewart Cink’s bald and very pale head took the Internet by storm. I’m going to pretend that Reed was aware of this anniversary and  stopped allowing the top of his head to go in the sun to honor Cink.