Patriots Work Out 1st Round Pick Offensive Tackle Amid Issues With Offensive Line

DJ Fluker

Scott W. Grau/Getty Images

Free-agent offensive lineman D.J. Fluker took a significant step towards making his NFL comeback as he worked out for the New England Patriots on Monday, as reported by theScore’s Jordan Schultz.

Fluker, who has transformed his physique by shedding over 40 pounds, showcased his tremendous shape and expressed his excitement about returning to the league.

Fluker, a free agent since 2020, has remained determined to revive his professional football career.

The former first-round pick, who was selected by the San Diego Chargers in 2013, has also spent time with the New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders, and Jacksonville Jaguars in his career.

With 108 games under his belt, including 96 starts, Fluker has showcased his versatility by playing both guard and tackle positions throughout his career. This ability to contribute at multiple spots on the offensive line enhances his appeal in free agency.

Prior to his workout with the Patriots, Fluker also auditioned for the Philadelphia Eagles around three weeks ago. However, he departed the visit without receiving a contract offer.

Undeterred, the veteran lineman has dedicated himself to shedding weight and getting back into optimal game shape as he pursues another opportunity to secure a spot on an NFL roster.

Regarding his workout with the Patriots, Fluker expressed satisfaction, saying it went great and the team likes the way he’s built after his recent training regiment. Fluker’s positive remarks potentially open up a door for him to join the organization in the future.

As Fluker continues his journey towards an NFL comeback, teams around the league will likely monitor his progress closely.

His impressive experience, adaptability, and renewed dedication to physical fitness make him an intriguing option for franchises seeking offensive line depth.