Pats Fan Kicked Out Of Stadium For Tweeting About Possibly Rushing Field, Hilariously Blames Roger Goodell



Since winning the Super Bowl in February, the life of a New England Patriots fan has had its fair share of ups and downs—you know, with that whole Deflategate bullshit and the short-lived suspension to Tom Brady that was overturned.

Last night in the NFL’s opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was a definite high, though, as the Pats came out on fire, with Brady tossing four TDs and New England passing the first test in their title defense.

For Pats fan Mike Tetreault, though, the night ended a little less than thrilling after he tweeted out a pic that implied he might just do something all drunk sports fans dream of, rushing the fucking field.

// sent a tweet out at 9:21 p.m. maybe, quite possibly, seemingly joking that he would rush the field should he get an insane 10,000 retweets. About an hour later, security hunted his tweeting ass down and actually fucking escorted him out of Gillette Stadium.


The dude continued to tweet out and post a video on Vine of the security guards threatening him while they were trying to take him from the stadium—as if he was some fucking bandit or something. Really? A couple rent-a-cops know, “everything” about him? My hairy ass, they do.

// of my favorite parts, though, is how he shames the NFL and its security, even tossing out Commissioner Roger Goodell—who, remember, wasn’t in the stadium last night because he’s scared to show his face in Foxborough and had NOTHING to do with this guy getting kicked out.

The silver lining is that Tetreault’s ban was just for last night’s game and not for life, otherwise shit would have been even worse for the NFL’s already tainted public image.


Dude then provided a full recap of how shit went down, demanding an apology from Goodell and the NFL:



On a night when New England won, at least one Pats fan felt deflated.

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