Paul Finebaum Says ‘Time Is Running Out On Nick Saban’ To Win Another National Title

paul finebaum time running out on nick saban

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Paul Finebaum joined the crew on ESPN’s Get Up on Wednesday morning to talk college football and Nick Saban’s name came up during the segment. While Finebaum certainly knows his SEC football while also being one of the more ‘tell it like it is’ media members, the bombshell he dropped about Saban was even bold for his standards.

Finebaum believes that Saban is getting too old and time is running out for the six-time national title-winning head coach to earn his seventh ring.

“Sixty-nine may not sound old in our business or if you’re running for president, but it is old in terms of championship head football coaches,” Finebaum said. “I don’t want this to sound blasphemous but time is running out on Nick Saban. It’s been two years since he won a national championship. That’s a long time. He hasn’t gone that long at Alabama since the early part of his career.

I think this is his best team, the season is unknown at this point. However, there are many other programs catching up a little bit. You can no longer make a blanket statement that Nick Saban’s gonna win a bunch of national championships. I think he needs to win one this year or that hourglass is going to become very dangerous for him.”

It’s almost crazy to think that since Saban and Alabama haven’t won a title in two years things may start going downhill, despite Bama going 25-3 over the last two seasons, but Finebaum is under the belief that the Tide are on a bit of a slippery slope.

There’s no denying that Clemson’s journey to the top of the college football world has thrown a wrinkle into Alabama’s world domination plans, but Saban still very much looks like a man that can get the job done. He seems like someone that could legitimately coach into his 80’s if he wants to; time will tell.


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