Paul Rabil Does INSANE Lacrosse Trick Shots With The Dude Perfect Bros

Professional lacrosse player Paul Rabil is a beast on the field and in life. He’s having an incredible 2015, too: Earlier this year he chucked a lacrosse ball across a frozen Inner Harbor in Baltimore, then made one of the best lacrosse GoPro videos we’ve ever watched. Now he’s teamed up with the trick-shot Bros in Dude Perfect to rip incredible lax shots at a MASSIVE high school football stadium (Pennington Field) in Texas.

Kind of funny how the Dude Perfect guys just sit around and cheer while Rabil does all the work. Goes to show you that you can’t just pick up a stick and have lax game.

Stick around for when they set a record for the longest lacrosse chuck in the history of the game. Many chests will be bumped, many fists will be pounded.

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