Paul Rabil’s Commercial For ‘The Paul Rabil Experience’ Is Like Lacrosse Meets Space Camp

Remember those commercials on Nickelodeon back in the day for Space Camp? You’re watching some GUTS and — BAM — cut away from Mike O’Malley and there’s a kid spinning in a zero gravity simulator at Space Camp in Alabama. Space Camp is still on my bucket list well into adulthood. Sux that NASA is in shambles compared to those mid-’90s glory days.

Professional lacrosse king Paul Rabil recently dropped a perfectly-campy video for something called “The Paul Rabil Experience.” It kind of reminds me of those throwback Space Camp commercials.

And in case you don’t quit understand what’s going on here, The Paul Rabil Experience is a subscription-based online content program that focusing on upping one’s lax game by focusing on technique, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and more.

Lace up.

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