Minor League Team Is Hosting A ‘Free Brady Friday’ Because Everyone Sucks Tom Brady’s D

I honestly cannot believe that the whole DeflateGate thing still hasn’t been resolved between the NFL, the New England Patriots and the team’s quarterback Tom Brady. Like, fuck guys, it has been how long since those damn footballs were deflated in the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts in 2015?

But because an appeals court recently upheld the original four-game suspension for Brady, everyone who loves Tom Brady is doing whatever they can to show support for the prodigal son—which includes the Pawtucket Red Sox, who are the minor league affiliate of that team in Boston.

The PawSox announced a promotional night called “Free Brady Friday” which will happen at the June 10 game, allowing anyone named “Tom” or “Brady” free admission, as well as a bunch of other football-related things.

Here’s what the PawSox senior vice president and general manager had to say behind the reason for the night, per CBS Boston:

“Tom Brady is one of the region’s most beloved athletes and public figures. This evening allows PawSox fans, so many of whom are Patriots fans, to show their support for him.”

This will make absolutely no difference at all for what happens to Brady and his suspension, but it’ll at least make New Englanders feel a little better about themselves and help them sleep at night.

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