Ex-UFC’s Pearl Gonzalez Short Shorts Dance Goes Viral

Pearl Gonzalez

Josh Hedges/Getty Image

Pearl Gonzalez is dancing her way into the spotlight, one short short at a time

The former UFC warrior turned Instagram sensation, Gonzalez is making waves in and out of the ring.

Gonzalez, the MMA maven who knows her way around the octagon, gave the internet a sneak peek into her off-duty style.

Dressed in a black top and shorts, she reminded us all that “the grass is greener where you water it”, as her captioned said – a quote to live by, especially if your garden happens to be your Instagram feed.

And let’s not forget her other daring adventures.

This 4th of July, while others were enjoying fireworks, Pearl decided to light up the internet instead. She took the concept of celebrating freedom to new depths by trading in her stars and stripes bikini for a more… natural approach – skinny dipping Now that’s what you call patriotic dedication.

That’s not all, Pearl’s also been showing us her moves, both in and out of the gym. Her tight blue sportswear look also recently went viral. I mean, who knew sweating it out could be this stylish? It’s like she’s fighting against gravity and fashion faux pas simultaneously.

With over 300,000 followers hanging onto her every post, it’s safe to say that Pearl Gonzalez is turning heads both online and in real life.

Whether she’s throwing punches or turning Twitter into a runway, one thing’s for sure: Gonzalez is definitely a force to be reckoned with.