The Real Heroes Of The Women’s World Cup Were The Idiots Tweeting About Pearl Harbor

The United States Women’s National Team completed a heroic run by dispatching Japan, 5-2, in the final. Carli Lloyd came out on fire, notching a hat trick before the 17th minute. Truly a great performance.

But, per usual, the really inspiring action happened on Twitter, where #pearlhabor achieved trending status.

Why? Because people suck. And it only takes a select few to ruin it for everyone.



As you can see, people had very similar “jokes.”

Not to go all history major here but the actual response to Pearl Harbor happened a few years after Pearl Harbor and wasn’t soccer-related. It also resulted in catastrophic loss of human life. But you know that because you’re not a mouth-breathing idiot.

Predictably the trending status did not escape the watchful eyes of more reasonable human beings with Twitter accounts.

Stay tuned for the next idiotic Tweetfest, which will likely break out sometime before noon tomorrow.

Oh, yeah. And congratulations to the good ol’ USA.