Utterly Disgraceful Penguins Fans Ruined A Moment Of Silence For The Late Philadelphia Flyers Owner

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Sons Of Penn

In memory of long-time Philadelphia Flyers owner, Ed Snider, who passed away last weekend after a lengthy bout with bladder cancer, the Pittsburgh Penguins asked their fans last night to acknowledge a moment of silence ahead of opening their Stanley Cup Playoff pursuits against the New York Rangers.

Unfortunately, not only did one presumed Penguins fan utterly disgrace the memory of Mr. Snider (who alone did more for the game of hockey than I care to list right now) but some of his fellow Yinzers even applauded when the asshole shouted out “Flyers suck!” just seconds into what was supposed to be a silent tribute to a great man’s life.

Our friends over at Sons Of Penn were first to notice the stomach-churning moment.

I can’t even begin to fathom how or why someone would think this was a good idea (oh wait, it’s because they’re a terrible person). Don’t even want to hear the defense that alcohol was in play, because that doesn’t matter. Listen, there is a time and place for jokes, and this is standalone the ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY PLACE where you do not make them. No matter how burning your hatred for your cross-state rival is. No matter how intoxicated you are. No matter anything.

Pure and simple, this was absolutely disgraceful. You should be ashamed, Pens fans.

[H/T CJ Burns @ Sons Of Penn]

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