Penn State Would Appreciate It If Jerry Sandusky Renewed His Season Tickets

The Penn State athletic apartment would like to know if former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky would like to renew his season tickets. Odds are they already know the answer.

Sandusky, of course, is otherwise occupied for a while.

Onward State obtained the embarrassing automated letter which was sent to Sandusky’s former residence, where his wife still lives.

It includes this cringeworthy paragraph:

“Dear Gerald A,” the letter reads. “Congratulations on being identified as one of the elite college football fans in the nation. You have worked diligently to separate yourself by exhibiting unrivaled tenacity, character, and loyalty. Passionate and competitive, you are the leading standard of a first class fan base.”

Clearly –clearly– this is an example of an automated system dropping the ball. When you see something like this, though, you start to think machines are the enemy. But humans invented machines. So who is really to blame for this?

Just something to think about between bong hits.

[H/T: Onward State]