Delusional CBS Writer Hilariously Thinks Peyton Manning Can Still Play, But DeAngelo Williams Was There To Save The Day

Pete Prisco is a columnist for CBS Sports whose primary responsibility is to WATCH and ANALYZE professional football games to the very best of his, what appears to be, limited ability. Because this clown thinks Peyton Manning, who is physically toast, can still play in the NFL.

No. Just, NO.

Such a wildly misguided opinion could be best described as a middled sportswriter sadly waving a pair of flailing, clinically dead pom poms.

Even my mom knew the only reason Peyton Manning managed to get his second ring and ride off into the sunset was solely due to a defense that looked like it was allowed to play at a different speed than everyone else on the field.

Thankfully, the ever-vocal DeAngelo Williams was there to call bullshit, bullshit.

And now, as you might have expected, DeAngelo’s timeline has turned into a complete mess, because everybody loves them some Pey-Pey.

But man, if you’re gonna troll, at least go all-in and say Peyton Manning would be MVP if he played another season and would likely throw for 53 TDs.

However, for anyone who watched an NFL football game last season, DeAngelo’s point remains: Last year was shit.

Rambling mess of a tweet? Absolutely. Is he right? Absolutely.

Let your love go, Petey.


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