Pete Rose Considering Lawsuit Amid Statutory Rape Allegations

by 4 years ago


Just the other day, MLB all-time hits king Pete Rose called himself, “the best ambassador baseball has,” believing that he has a legit chance for first-year MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to reinstate Rose back into the game.

Then, longtime Rose basher, John Dowd, tries to remind everyone why Rose has been blackballed by MLB for the past 26 years—alleging that Charlie Hustle was frequently committed statutory rape during his days as both a player and manger during his days in baseball.

As one would imagine, Rose fired back, saying it was the “best” lie yet about him.

Dowd, who has long been a critic of Rose and whose investigation eventually led to the former All-Star’s lifetime ban, claimed that a former Rose associate told him that he (Rose), via TMZ:

“Ran young girls for him down in spring training. Ages 12 to 14. Isn’t that lovely?”

In the interview with WCHE in Pennsylvania, Dowd also added, via TMZ:

“So that’s statutory rape everytime you do that.”

Rose has denied the allegations, questioning the validity, adding, “What’s Dowd going to talk about next? Something from 50 years ago when I was 24 years old? I don’t know why anybody would believe that. It’s unbelievable.”

Backing his client, Rose’s attorney, Ray Genco, said, via TMZ:

“The statements are malicious and untrue, believing that a lawsuit isn’t out of the question.

During his 24 years in the majors, Rose faced a lot of tight fastballs and wicked curves. But, facing serious allegations like this, he continues to have to scrap his way out of a hole to clear his name.


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