Peter King Needs To Stop Tweeting His Stupid Stories About Dead Celebrities

Peter King never let’s the death of a celebrity pass him by without tweeting an pointless anecdote about said dead celebrity.

Joan Rivers died. Peter King took a moment to analyze that time he didn’t realize she was a comedian.


Alright, the “Marino not winning a Super Bowl” is the Nickelback of sports jokes, and I’m confident Rivers knew Mario has zero hardware from the big game and wanted to needle the prick about that fact. Rivers had people in her ear at those events and it’s the easiest Marino joke to make besides “how’s your family and your other family?”

This Joan Rivers tweet is slightly less pointless than his breaking the news of Robin Williams death to some random restaurant worker and then live tweeting the aftermath.


Jesus, King, back off. It’s an IHOP for god’s sake. He’s already miserable. Did he live tweet your reaction when you found out you ate the place out of Grand Slam breakfasts?

H/T Deadspin