Titans OT Peter Skoronski Details His Wildly Awkward Meeting With Falcons Ahead Of NFL Draft

Titans offensive lineman Peter Skoronski at the NFL Combine

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Highly-touted college prospects are typically subjected to quite the whirlwind when they make the decision to declare for the NFL Draft.

Things unofficially kick off when they arrive at the NFL Combine to show off their skills and sit down for meetings with teams where they’ll usually be subjected to some pretty strange questions (although the NFL has recently started trying to crack down on coaches, scouts, and front office executives who’ve gone a bit too far while trying to see how players respond under pressure).

From there, most guys can expect to make the rounds and sit down for more interviews with the franchises who think they have what it takes to be selected in the first round, although you’re probably not going to get an invite to what are known as “Top 30” visits unless you make a good impression at the combine.

Former Northwestern offensive tackle only earned one of those official follow-ups with the Eagles and the Jets ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft, but when everything was said and done, the Titans selected him with the 1tth overall pick.

Skoronski may have consequently been surprised to hear Tennessee call his name on the big night, but based on what he had to say during a recent conversation with The Athletic, he probably had a good feeling he wasn’t going to the Falcons based on his retelling of the NFL Combine meeting where Atlanta head coach Arthur Smith was seemingly less than impressed with the OT:

“The head coach was on me the second I got in there.

I was giving them generic answers to their questions, and he said, ‘You’re really boring me right now. Your answers are so boring.’

The whole meeting, he kept looking at his computer. I was kind of laughing to myself and said, ‘Sorry, I don’t know what you want me to do. I’m answering you honestly.’”

At least it all worked out in the end.

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