Peyton Manning Goes On ESPN To Call Report Claiming That He’s Taken HGH ‘Complete Trash’

Today, Peyton Manning went on Sunday NFL Countdown to confront the allegations of him receiving HGH treatment from an anti-aging clinic that will air on an Al-Jazeera documentary later today.

Disgusted is how I feel. Sickened by it. I’m not sure I understand how Someone can make something up About somebody, admit he’s made It up and yet somehow it gets Published in a story. I don’t understand that. Maybe you can explain it to me, Somebody else can.It’s completely fabricated. Complete trash,

The interesting part is that Manning does not deny that his wife was supplied HGH treatments to her home.

It makes me sick it brings Ashley into it. Her medical history, her medical privacy being violated. That makes me sick. I don’t understand that. It’s not right. I don’t understand it.

Any medical treatment that my wife received that’s her business, it has nothing to do with me. Nothing what my wife has used have I ever taken. The two are not connected

While there’s still no concrete evidence that Peyton did anything wrong his wife receiving HGH from a shady doctor involved with other athletes is not a good look for him right now.

There’s still a lot left to play out in this story so we’ll until then before we come up with any conclusions.