This ESPYs Skit Where Peyton Manning Drops Burns On Eli, Brady, Jeter And More Is A Must-See

When Peyton Manning retired Gatorade put together a touching TV commercial in which people read excerpts from some of the many handwritten letters he had written to various athletes, coaches, rivals, celebrities and family over the years.

It was a poignant look at at how The Sheriff showed his respect to these people throughout his illustrious career.

Here’s the spot…

And here’s the same commercial re-done at Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards only instead of Peyton Manning being all nice to people he talked some serious shit to folks like Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Aaron Rodgers and even his own family.

[protected-iframe id=”78b625b175aa8724fb8653128dfcac42-97886205-92827192″ info=”″ ]

A big part of me would like to think that’s how Peyton really talks to those people, but knowing him, it probably isn’t. Still hilarious though.

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