Peyton Manning Admits Having Trouble Casting ‘Quarterbacks’ Season 2; Fans Offer Suggestions

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Despite giving Brittany Mahomes (and to a much smaller extent, Jackson Mahomes) another platform to annoy football fans, the Netflix documentary series Quarterbacks will be returning for a second season.

Well, that is if Peyton Manning and his production company, Omaha Productions, can actually find some quarterbacks who are willing to participate in the show.

So far, Justin Fields, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, Trevor Lawrence, Tua Tagovailoa, Jimmy Garoppolo, Dak Prescott, Daniel Jones, Sam Howell, Baker Mayfield and Matthew Stafford have all already told Peyton Manning, ‘thanks, but no thanks.’

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in August, Manning said the deadline for finding suitable subjects for the show is “approaching very soon. To use a cheesy analogy, we’re definitely in the two-minute drill here.”

In that same conversation, Manning said, “I had three starting quarterbacks tell me no yesterday, so I’m swallowing my pride.”

Manning added, “I think maybe some guys are thinking that it is going to be a distraction, even though I told a couple of them, ‘I guarantee you’ll win the Super Bowl like Mahomes if you do it.'”

Interestingly, Peyton admitted that if he had been approached to do a show like Quarterbacks when he was playing he too would have probably turned it down.

“But,” he also claimed, “if a quarterback that I respected told me, ‘Hey, trust me, we’re going to do right by you, you are not going to regret it, we’re going to cut out anything you don’t want in there, you won’t even know we’re there,’ then I probably would have said, ‘Yeah, I might as well do it.'”

Naturally, upon hearing about the struggles Peyton Manning is having casting season two of Quarterbacks, many NFL fans offered their very helpful suggestions.

“He should have asked Bryce Young / CJ because it would have been cool to see rookie QB’s journey through training camp then to their starting game and whole season,” someone else wrote.

“We need Josh Rosen on it,” another fan suggested, which, honestly, might be okay.

“How about switching the position and call it: Running Back, The year of the disgruntled employee,” another fan offered.

“Do NOT put a camera in front of Russ,” another fan begged.

What do you think? How about this idea? Over the next year, follow Tom Brady around learning how to actually broadcast NFL games for Fox.

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