Does Netflix Realize They’ve Given An Even Larger Platform To Brittany And Jackson Mahomes?

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes

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On Wednesday, Netflix announced their latest all-access sports docuseries that’ll be in the same vein as Drive To Survive, Match Point, and Full Swing: an NFL series titled Quarterback.

The documentary will follow the lives of Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota, and NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes through the 2022 season. Sounds awesome, right? Largely, it is, except for one glaring issue: Brittany Mahomes.

Already one of the most disliked WAGs in the entirety of the NFL, Mahomes is now being given the biggest megaphone of her life courtesy of the cameras that likely followed her and her husband around for the last year.

Then there’s Patrick’s brother Jackson, who has managed to cultivate an unbelievable wave of dislike strictly through his obnoxious TikTok dances.

Despite his enviable success, Patrick Mahomes has somehow been able to maintain likeability throughout the NFL. The biggest threat to that positive Q score, however, is his family, and now they’re going to be put in front of the bright lights of Netflix.

According to Netflix, the series will be providing fans with “unprecedented access” and will have played mic’d up for every game “for the first time ever.”

The NFL certainly lucked out with the quarterbacks they chose for the debut season of the series, as the tiro of Mahomes, Cousins, and Mariota all experienced noteworthy seasons.

Mahomes, of course, won both his second MVP award and led the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl title since drafting him back in 2017. Cousins, under first-year head coach Kevin O’Connell, won 13 games as the Vikings’ starter (the most of his career) and helped Justin Jefferson win Offensive Player of the Year. Then there’s Mariota, who reportedly quit on his Atlanta Falcons teammates in the middle season.

And yet, despite all of that, I can’t shake this sinking feeling that the screeching Mahomes duo will somehow steal the show. They’ll certainly try.

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