Peyton Manning’s One Rule For ‘Manningcast’ Guests Might Be Why The Show Is So Great

Peyton Manning

Getty Image / Stephen J. Cohen

Thanks to Peyton and Eli Manning, there’s a new way to watch Monday Night Football games as they brought Manningcast into the world.

Since then, other sports shows have popped up around with a similar concept, as the two former NFL quarterbacks opened up a new way to watch sports.

Not only is it fun to watch games with Peyton and Eli commentating, they also have a knack for inviting great guests each week.

And perhaps that’s where the secret lies for the success of the Manningcast.

In fact, Peyton Manning himself recently revealed the one rule each guest must follow to appear on the Manningcast.

According to Awful Announcing, Manning revealed the one rule guests must follow when coming onto the show during an interview on Bloomberg.

Peyton Manning claims that guests must simply love football. That’s it. They have to love football and love talking about football to show up on the Manningcast.

“The criteria for being a guest is you gotta love football. You can’t come on to promote your tequila.”

That really might be why the broadcast is so successful. Fans rarely are forced into listening to a guest promote something they’re selling.

Then you combine that with the witty banter between Peyton and Eli Manning and you have yourself an extremely watchable program in the Manningcast.

It really can be that simple and it seems like the most simplistic ideas are the best ones when it comes to television.

Either way, it’s clearly working, as this show is quickly becoming a staple in the NFL world.

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