Dude At The Barclays Screams ‘Harambe Was An Inside Job!’ As Ryan Moore Nearly Holes Out For Eagle

As Ryan Moore played his second shot on hole No. 1 at Saturday’s third round of The Barclays, one of the spectators on Bethpage Black unleashed a hellacious scream, claiming that “Harambe was an inside job!”

Moore nearly holed out for an eagle amidst the commotion…

And that begs the question…was it? Seriously, what if poor Harambe was merely a pawn in America’s political fodder? What does this PGA Tour spectator know (email our tip line, bro), because not like we haven’t thrown that idea around here before (*cough Hillary cough*).

But who’s to say maybe the other side didn’t have something to do with it, too.

The people are asking questions, and we need answers, dammit. We demand them! And until we get them, forever dicks out.

#RIPHarambe, we remember you today at the first round of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.