Phil Mickelson’s Appearance At Saudi International Has Fans Concerned

Phil Mickelson talks to the media.

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Golf fans are concerned about Phil Mickelson after his latest presser in Saudi Arabia. “Lefty” is gearing up for an appearance in the Saudi International.

Mickelson went viral after losing a ton of weight this offseason, causing many on social media to post their reactions.

The LIV golfer is kicking off his 2023 season after leaving the PGA Tour last year. That move landed Mickelson a reported $200 million deal with the Saudi-backed league.

In his second season, he looks to put the struggles of 2022 behind him. He said as much while talking with the media about the upcoming campaign.

“I’m embarrassed with how I played last year. I’m going to put that behind me and have a really good year.

“I have to look at last year as an anomaly and just let it go. I wasn’t ready to play at the start [of the season]… I’m ready to bring my game back out here and compete. I’m optimistic to see a whole different outlook, a whole different game, a whole different competitiveness.”

Phil Mickelson talks about a new outlook and aspect to his game, but it’s not the only thing that’s changed. He looks almost unrecognizable after losing a ton of weight.

“Best shape I’ve been in in a long time. I’m back to my college weight.”

The golfer says that he’s in the best shape of his life, but many online were concerned about the weight loss. Here was the immediate reaction on social media.

One fan wrote, “I don’t agree with many of his opinions or actions, but I hope he’s okay.”

Another person said, “I sure hope that’s a healthy weight loss. Phil has definitely looked better. Hope he’s all good.”

Some fans are worried about Phil Mickelson, but he seems excited for the season ahead. The Saudi International will kick off on Thursday, February 2nd.