Phil Mickelson Stops By Kids’ Lemonade Stand, Leaves Them With A Ridiculous Tip

phil mickelson lemonade stand kids

YouTube - Columbus Dispatch

Elise and Roland Van Karsen are no dummies. They figured that if you set up your lemonade stand near the PGA’s Memorial Tournament you might be able to make a little walking around money. Little did they know that none other than “Lefty” himself Phil Mickelson would stop by for a glass and in turn, drop a massive tip on them.

The girl says she’s going to use the money for a Kindle, but the boy, he has other more action-packed ideas…

Too bad karma didn’t shine on Mickelson for his good deed of tipping these young entrepreneurs 100 bucks since he finished in 65th. Maybe next week will be his week.

H/T Bob’s Blitz