Philly Is Embracing The ‘City Of Champions’ Moniker And People On The Internet Aren’t Having It

villanova 2018 national championship trophy

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So last night following Villanova’s national championship victory, CBS’s Jim Nantz deeemed Philadelphia the ‘City of Champions.’ Jim Rome then piled on and said the ‘City of Brotherly Love is now the City of Champions.’ Yes, these are just semantics for people who hate their jobs to argue about on Twitter, but things are getting fiery on the interwebs. Philly residents believe that their two championships in as many months qualify them for the COC moniker (lol! COC), but outsiders are attempting to stunt their enthusiasm.

Check out the battle below:


Vs. The World

As a resident of Boston for two decades of my life, I would like to enter it into the City of Champions discussion. I have 36 championships to speak of. Please let me know when I can find out if we’ve won.

[h/t For the Win]