Philip Rivers Has A Creepy New Mustache: Is It More Serial Killer Or 70s-Era Adult Film Star?

Philip Rivers Got Roasted By Chargers Twitter Over His New Mustache

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Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is very good at a lot of things: never missing a game (he has started every regular season game since September 11, 2006), not making it to the Super Bowl (he’s 5-6 in playoff games), and cranking out kids like he’s working on an assembly line (he and his wife Tiffany have nine of them).

What Philip Rivers is not good at, apparently, is growing a decent mustache.

Check out the sad-looking mouth mirken Rivers unveiled this week at the Chargers’ media session.

Here’s a better look at Phil’s flavor saver…

That’s… not good, Philip. Not good at all.

Even his own team’s Twitter account roasted Rivers for his lame cookie duster with a pretty amazing use of a clip from The Office.

Either Philip Rivers is the least self-aware individual in sports, or he absolutely does not give a damn what any other human being thinks.

Actually, he might be a little bit of both, now that I think about it.

Needless to say, fans had a lot of fun with Rivers’ lady tickler on social media with people comparing his new look to everyone from Lt. Aldo Raine of Inglourious Basterds to Pat Healy in There’s something About Mary.