This 20-Second Exchange Between Two Kids At The Phillies Game Just Turned My Entire Week Around

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

*ESPN 30 for 30 voice* What if I told you that there was more to the internet than people dunking on people and meltdowns at Bagel Boss?

I’d tell you that no good deed has been or ever will be done again without the ulterior motive of going viral. I’ve been working these internet streets far too long and believing in true altruism is like believing in Santa Claus or my ex texting me back.

Today, I have been humbled.

I stumbled across this exchange between two young strangers at the Phillies vs. Dodgers game Wednesday night. The game was interrupted in the top of the third inning by a 2-hour 37-minute rain delay, most of the stadium had filtered out seeing as it was already 11 pm in the fifth inning. Thank God these two kids’ parents let them stay up past their bedtimes, because it allowed me to look more optimistically at the world.

Get this kid some merch or a meet-and-greet or the Nobel Prize or something, I don’t care. People like this need to be rewarded.

Meanwhile, lets check in with the adults…

Age jades you, man.

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