Philadelphia Phillies Fan Got His Beer Lit Up By A Foul Ball, Deserves A Reward For Taking It Like A Champ

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that beer at a baseball game is fucking asshole expensive. As if you need a story on how I’m so well aware, I’ll just go ahead and tell you that I dropped a cool $145 on pint-sized Bud Light’s the last MLB game I went to, so, yeah.

Knowing that I paid that much for a good drunken night, the last thing I would want to have happen is have it spilled without good reason, which happened to this poor dude at last night’s Philadelphia Phillies-Tampa Bay Rays game.


Sure, one can argue that he at least had the chance to leave the game with a souvenir—every fan’s dream—but seeing as how he probably dropped $11 on that brew, the last thing I’d think he wanted was a $6 baseball and the stench of alcohol on him the rest of the night.

If there’s any underlying good news for the guy, it’s that he at least took the blow like a champ, getting an alcoholic shower from a full beer, leaving with a bruise on his hand, a little lighter in his wallet and without that foul ball.

Actually, after writing that, there’s no way in hell this guy won in this scenario at all. But here’s to hoping he’s drinking a cheap sixer from his couch tonight to take in the game, where it’s less dangerous and a hell of a lot less expensive.

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