Hooters Girl Misplays Ground Ball At Phillies Spring Training Game, Looks Great Doing It

The Philadelphia Phillies have one of my favorite traditions in Grapefruit League Spring Training: hiring girls from Hooters to play ‘ball girl’ alongside the baselines. These gorgeous Hooters girls have made headlines in the past for their fielding, and we’re back again today to take a look at this stunning chick on the third base side who botched a routine grounder and sent the ball flying into the stands.

[mlbvideo id=”1244662083″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

If that MLB.com embed isn’t working for you then you can find the video HERE on Vid.me:

I was actually at Hooters last night with my fellow BroBible editors to watch the March Madness games. We took down about 60 wings and 6 pitchers between the 3 of us and I’d forgotten how much I love those dang wings. If you haven’t seen the video we filmed last night, you should also give that a watch below on Instagram, and make sure to give us a follow as well if you’re an avid BroBible reader and/or just like seeing cool shit on Instagram:

(H/T Stephen Douglas @ TheBigLead via MLB Videos)

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