No. 3 Overall NFL Draft Pick Dante Fowler Tearing His ACL In The First Practice Is So Jacksonville Jaguars It Hurts

Congratulations on putting together a 3-13 NFL campaign last year to land the number three overall pick for this year’s draft, Jacksonville! It’s looking like it’s really going to pay off for yo-ohhhh shit.

Today, in the Jaguars’ first light practice of the off-season, their No. 3 overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, Dante Fowler, collapsed during a drill with what is now confirmed to be a torn ACL. He will miss the entire 2015-16 NFL season.

Watching the former Florida Gator go down is heartbreaking no matter what team you root for on Sundays. If you wish to view the video, you can do so here, because the NFL is retaining the license for it, and the original guy who got “lucky” to catch it on his cellphone camera has now made his Twitter account private with a bio implying he’s looking to shop the video to the highest bidder.

Pitiful and classless, trying to make a buck off of a player that just saw his career flash before his eyes. The whole thing is just so Jacksonville Jaguars it hurts. The bad luck of losing a promising young defensive end to a freak injury like this, then a Jacksonville “fan” trying to cash in on it. I’m calling it karma. Enjoy another losing season, Jags.

[via Yahoo Sports]

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