Pirates Pitcher Jameson Taillon Took A 105 MPH Liner Off His Dome, Manned Up And Stayed In The Game

Want to know what’s scary as all hell? Having a baseball come fly at your head off the bat of a major league hitter who just lined a 105 mile per hour liner, then actually have it nail you. While that may be a death wish for you or I, Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jameson Taillon overcame that scary situation during tonight’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers—and then, somehow, stayed in the game afterwards.

The righty laid on the infield grass for a few minutes before he was able to dust himself off and miraculously keep playing—he even batted in the bottom half of the inning, striking out.

As of this post, Taillon had pitched five innings and given up just one earned run, so let’s hope he’s OK and there’s no lingering effects from this—because it could have been so much worse.

[H/T Deadspin]

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