Reporter Blows Up MLB Pitcher Tyler Kinley’s Popular Story That He Was Related To President William McKinley

Getty Image / Justin Edmonds

The show has been on TV for nine years but I only just got around to watching my first episode of Finding Your Roots on PBS where the host does a deep dive into the ancestry of famous people and then presents them with his wild findings. If Colorado Rockies pitcher Tyler Kinley was a guest on that show then his generational story about being related to President William McKinley would’ve been blown up on TV. Alas, it took some digging from reporter Suzie Hunter aka Nacho Scout to expose the truth.

What I love the most about this story is I have one of these in my family as well. It’s not a US President, but on my mom’s side of the family people have been saying we have descended from Scottish hero Rob Roy MacGregor my entire life but I’ve still yet to see a shred of evidence. And on the contrary, I was on his Wiki page earlier and actually recognized a family name except it wasn’t a relative of Rob Roy’s, it was the guy who threw him in jail at one point.

My ancestry DNA results are HEAVILY Scottish so it’s possible there’s a relation but it has also become one of those stories that relatives say because someone else said it and nobody’s ever bothered to fact check it. And that’s precisely what I love about this Twitter thread. All she had to do was do a little proper J School digging and boom, the story unraveled.


Tyler doesn’t appear to be the most active Twitter user in the game. He’s verified but he only has about a thousand followers and it seems like he only ever drops by to retweet things. I don’t want to be the guy that delivers him this news but if someone out there is a friend/colleague of his and wants to shoot him this article, you can be my guest.