Someone Put Together A Video Showing The Huge Differences In Pitstops Across Racing (F1, Indycar, NASCAR, Etc)

Supercut Of Racing Pitstops In F1, Indycar, Formula E, Nascar, And WEC Will Blow Your Mind

Someone put together footage of pitstops in F1, Indycar, Formula E, Nascar, and WEC to show the extreme differences in pitstops across motorsports. After watching these crews in action I suddenly have a newfound respect for the pit crews in racing. It’s not that I didn’t think what they did was so important, because it’s obvious to anyone watching how much the crews can affect a race. I think I just didn’t realize how much variation there is across the classes of racing, and how specialized the pit crews are for that individual class of racing.

In my mind pit crews did 3 things: changed the tires, filled the gas tank, and gave the driver some water. I had no idea that in F1 the cars aren’t allowed to take on fuel, and that the 5 lug nuts in NASCAR is something unique to that sports. I suppose what I’m really trying to say here is these pit crew bros need raises. If this footage is any indication of the work that these guys are putting in on the track then I don’t even need to look up their salaries, I can just assume they’re not being paid enough and need more monies.

Here’s some of the highlights in GIF:

Also, I learned this morning just how many glorious definitions for ‘pit stop’ and ‘pitstops’ exist on Urban Dictionary. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Pit Stop:
“When a man is riding his partner (much like a car) and his rubber breaks (much like a tire) so a third party member runs in, changes his rubber in a jiffy (record being 0.88 seconds) and the man then resumes riding.”
Josh: Dude I superman’d that hoe last night!
Alek: That’s so 2000’s. It’s the new decade, we pit stop them hoes.

Pit Stop:
“The act of having sexual intercourse by placing the penis in the armpit of a woman and thrusting back and forth.”
This chick was on her period so she gave me the best pit stop!

Tip of the hat to The Lad Bible for sharing this video yesterday!