Pittsburgh’s Marc-André Fleury Has Now Beaten 29 Other NHL Teams, So Let’s Relive The Times He Beat The Penguins, Too

I was watching the Pittsburgh Penguins absolutely shellack the Minnesota Wild last night, when I saw the above graphic on Twitter.

Hmmm, I thought. Marc-André Fleury has beaten every team in the NHL. Even NBC recognized the occasion after the game.

But why, I thought, should we sell Fleury short? He hasn’t beaten 29 teams. He’s beaten all 30 NHL teams. Just because he was the goalie in net for the Penguins doesn’t mean he couldn’t help defeat the Penguins.

He does it all the time. Here are some of those gems.

That’s not how you stop a pass going away from the goal, Marc!

You don’t knock the puck in your own net, Marc!

Marc, stop being so silly. You are supposed to stop the puck from going into the net.

Marc, why weren’t you looking at the puck this time?

How did you let this one in, Marc? This guy wasn’t even shooting!

What in the world is this, Marc?


In conclusion, congrats on your wins against all 30 teams.