Penguins Fan Eats Raw Catfish In The Street To Celebrate Winning Back-To-Back Stanley Cups

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Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Eats Catfish


The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup last night, their second championship in as many years, and their fifth Stanley Cup Finals win as a franchise. The Nashville Predators were unable to force the series to Game 7 after a premature whistle negated an early Preds goal, a move that appeared to suck all of the wind out of Nashville’s sails. Scoring was nonexistent until the final moments of the game when the Penguins put 2 away to cement their championship and quest to hoist Lord Stanley’s cup into the air.

While the Pittsburgh Penguins players were celebrating in the road team locker room in Nashville, popping bottles of champagne and reveling in their victory, one audacious Penguins fan took to the streets to eat raw catfish:

For anyone out there thinking that this is okay, it’s not. There is a VERY BIG difference between sushi-grade fish and whatever the fuck that catfish was that he ate in the street. That just looked nasty as hell. Furthermore, have you EVER seen catfish on a sushi menu or known someone to eat it raw? Probably not. I’ll admit that I live in SW Florida and am 100000x more familiar with saltwater species than I am with catfish, but I’ve never known anyone to voluntarily eat raw catfish.

Meanwhile, the bars and streets of Pittsburgh went nuts after the Penguins clinched their 5th Stanley Cup since 1991:


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