Give Pittsburgh Running Back Vincent Davis The Academy Award For Flop Of The Year

Pittsburgh Running Back Vincent Davis Flop Penalty Miami


  • Pittsburgh running back Vincent Davis Jr. had the flop of the year against Miami.
  • After absorbing a very small amount of contact, he went FLYING to the ground.
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University of Pittsburgh running back Vincent Davis Jr. averages about 38.8 yards per game, but his calling might not be on the gridiron. The 5-foot-8, 175-pound junior might want to look into a career in acting after his incredible flop against Miami on Saturday.

During the first quarter of the No. 17 Panthers’ game against the Hurricanes, Davis broke a short run up the middle. On his way back to the huddle, he walked by Miami defensive end Jonathan Ford.

Ford, who stands 6-foot-5, 315, decided to flex on Davis. He got up in the much smaller running back’s face and let him know what’s up.

In doing so, Ford and Davis made contact with one another. It wasn’t significant, but it happened.

Although the contact was minimal, in an effort to draw a flag, Davis sprawled back onto his back and fell to the turf. He got the call and the laundry came flying in.

It was the best flop of the year and is deserving of at least a nomination for the Oscars. Take a look:

Perhaps the best part of the entire sequence, however, was Davis’ reaction. Look at how excited he was to see that he got the call:

Incredible work from Davis. Get that man to Hollywood!