A Squirrel Breaking The Grounds Crew’s Ankles During The Pirates Game Made For Riveting TV

Play By Play Of A Squirrel Evading Grounds Crew During Pirates Game

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  • A squirrel got on the field during Monday’s Pirates-Cubs game at PNC Park.
  • The furry little creature made the grounds crew look silly as they tried to catch it.
  • Play by play of the squirrel breaking the grounds crew’s ankles was stellar.

The life of a member of a Major League Baseball team’s grounds crew is a unique one. In addition to having to fight the elements, and in some cases lose the battle, they are also often tasked with tracking down and catching various furry creatures that wander their way on to the field.

All of which, by contrast, is very entertaining to the fans in attendance any time one of these unusual and trying circumstances arises.

Case in point…

Chasing down a stray cat that somehow got on to the playing field during a Major League Baseball game (how did those cats get out there?!) is one thing, trying to corral a squirrel is a whole different ball of wax.

Think about it. Have you ever tried to corner a squirrel? Or even get within five feet of one? Not only are they skittish as hell, they’re faster than Usain Bolt with the ability to stop on a dime and change direction in a flash.

Witness what happened on Monday night during the Pittsburgh Pirates versus Chicago Cubs game…


Play by play of the grounds crew chasing a squirrel at PNC Park was electric

Making this squirrel chase even more entertaining than it really should have been were the various play by play calls of the action on the field.

Nice Christmas Vacation and UP references. And did someone mention The Benny Hill Show?

Here’s another look from the stands…

Major League Baseball, if it really wants more fans, should really just release some sort of small, furry animal on to the field at least once a game. It would be far more entertaining than those mascot races we’ve all seen a thousand times. Just look at these reactions to the squirrel!