Players Reportedly Applauded When New Miami Dolphins Coach Was Fired From His Last Job

Miami Dolphins end zone

Getty Image / Mark Brown

Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins made a surprising hire for their coaching staff.

They hired former Denver Broncos offensive line coach Butch Barry.

Barry had been fired by the Denver Broncos this season and following his hire by the Dolphins, reports have come out on why and they don’t paint a great picture of Barry.

According to Orlando Alzugaray Jr, Denver Broncos players hated Barry and applauded when he was fired.

Broncos insider Benjamin Albright also recently gave some insight on Barry’s time in Denver.

The decision to hire Barry was a surprising one when it was announced. Barry had only ever been an assistant as an offensive line coach before heading to Denver and things didn’t go well for him in that job at all.

Barry was fired before the end of his first season as an O-line coach, yet somehow quickly found himself another job doing the same thing.

That job came despite him coaching an offensive line that gave up the NFL’s most sacks in 2022.

With these reports out there, the move becomes even more baffling.

The Dolphins were trending in the right direction during the 2022 season, especially on the offensive side of the ball, but hiring an O-line coach that has been described as incompetent could bring that progress to halt.

The Miami Dolphins will have to hope his second year in this position works out better or it could be a rough year for Tua Tagovailoa behind Barry’s offensive line.