Police Investigating Man Who Jumped On Rockies Dugout And Assaulted Team’s Mascot Dinger

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Mascots are great.

Take, for instance, the Atlanta Braves’ mascot Blooper, who sent a small child flying during halftime of a football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts.

But not everybody feels the same way about mascots.

The NBA’s Lopez twins are strongly anti-mascot, having taken a firm stance against the oddly anthropomorphic creatures.

One man in Colorado, however, may have taken things too far recently.

Earlier this week at a Colorado Rockies game, a man had seen enough of the Rockies’ giant purple dinosaur mascot, Dinger.

When Dinger turned and waved his big ol’ dino butt in the man’s face, he’d seen enough. The man then climbed on top of the dugout and tackled the dinosaur before security removed him and Dinger went back to doing his thing.

At first look, it appeared like a plan stunt. But Bruce Finley of The Denver Post reports that that was not, in fact, the case.

“Denver police are investigating the tackling of Colorado Rockies baseball mascot Dinger, who was interrupted while dancing this week during a Coors Field home game against the St. Louis Cardinals, as an assault,” Finley stated.

“A fuzzy purple triceratops with a bright yellow beak, Dinger was dancing Monday atop the Rockies’ dugout for the crowd when a man behind the dugout darted out from the bleachers and took down the mascot.”

What type of monster attacks Dinger, whose entire family was ravaged in the great meteor attack? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

But police released a photo of the man. They’re also giving out a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to his arrest.

Personally, I’d happily turn the man in for free if I knew him. I ain’t no narc. But mascot violence will not be tolerated in this household. Luckily, it appears Dinger was okay after the attack.