Brook Lopez Took A Page Out Of His Brother’s Book And Went Full WWE On The Raptors’ Mascot

by 3 years ago
Raptors mascot Brook Lopez fight


The Toronto Raptors mascot, inventively named “The Raptor,” took a bit of a beating last night at the hands of merciless Nets center, Brook Lopez. The only thing missing was a Spanish announcer’s table to send the poor bastard through.

Was this revenge on behalf of his brother, Robin?

Perhaps it was.

Any time someone reels off the names of their favorite people with the name Lopez, and both George Lopez and golfer Nancy Lopez are ahead of you, violence is in order. And so are further “assaults,” hence last night’s actions by devoted brother Brook.

Here’s the aforementioned “Lopez List” savagery from last season:

HOWEVER, karma was certainly in the air, as Brook later took a hard elbow to the nose from Jonas  Valanciunas.

Let’s officially mark this down as the first and last time Brook Lopez ever compares himself to Harrison Ford.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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