Here’s Police Video Of Rob Konrad Being Found

Rob Konrad’s fantastic story about surviving a fishing mishap has attracted all sorts of attention. Some believe he defied the odds with a bout of superhuman strength. Others suggest his tale is too good to be true.

Yesterday Andy Slater of WINZ 940 radio in Miami released a copy of the police video showing the moment the former Miami Dolphins fullback was discovered by authorities.

The five-minute film doesn’t really tip the scales in one direction but does feature Konrad in disbelief at the current time.

What I found shocking was how measured Konrad is in when handed something to drink. After 10 hours in salt water, you’d think a person would be thirstier.

This doesn’t prove anything, of course, I just thought it was interesting.

Also, he’s a million times more composed than I would be in a similar situation.

[H/T: Sporting News]