The Pope Doesn’t Poop In The Woods, He Poops All Over The Alabama Crimson Tide With War Eagle Tweets

The phrase ‘does the Pope shit in the woods?’ is an amalgamation from combining two other popular phrases: ‘does a bear shit in the woods?’ and ‘is the Pope Catholic?’

Since the answer to those questions are an obvious yes, the phrase ‘does the Pope shit in the woods?’ has been used for years (centuries?) as a rhetorical question when the answer is yes.

Starting today we can add a new phrase to our lexicon, ‘Does the Pope shit on Alabama?’, because Pope Francis just dropped a War Eagle tweet shitting all over the Crimson Tide nation:

Pope Francis couldn’t have been more clear in his instructions to all the world’s Catholics: Be brave and go against the tide!

It’s obvious that Pope Franky’s tired of Alabama’s current dynasty, and at the risk of putting words in Pope Francis’ mouth what I gleaned from his tweet is that Nick Saban is in fact the antichrist. I’m a little bummed out that Pope Francis has decided to become an Auburn fan instead of rooting for my alma mater Florida State Seminoles, but to each his own.

I’d like to think that @pontifex sent out that tweet from his desktop computer while sitting on YouTube and watching this video on repeat: