Power Slap Had To Recruit Strong Men Competitors As Catchers For Massive Slap Fight Between 400 Pounders

Power Slap competitors, Slap for Cash and Da Hawaiin Hitman

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Dana White had to bring in some strong men competitors to help out for the upcoming Power Slap 2 event.

On Wednesday night, Power Slap 2 will feature a super heavyweight match between Internet sensation “Slap for Cash” and Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes.

Ahead of their bout, both men weighed in at over 400 pounds for the super heavyweight slap fight.

According to White, the two men are so massive that they had to bring in strong men competitors as catchers for the bout.

“Slap for Cash weighed in at something like 488 pounds and the Da Hawaiian  Hitman weighs almost 400 pounds..so what we had to do is we brought in, you know the World Strongman Competition, we brought in two of the strongest guys in the world from the strong man competition, one guy’s name is Evan Singleton and the other guy is named Trey Mitchell, those two dudes are 400 pounds each, so they’re going to be the catchers”


Power Slap 2 will air live for free at 9pm est on Wednesday, May 24th on Rumble.

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